Song of the Year for 2009: Battleship by Valis

After careful consideration + numerous second-guesses, I have chosen my favorite song of the year for 2009; it's kind of a cheat, though, since it's actually a pair of songs together as a single track. The track is certainly reminiscent of classic Deep Purple/Black Sabbath proto-metal. Please click here or on the album cover below to enjoy the entire 11:24 of Battleship by Valis, the final (and bonus) track(s) from their most recent release, Dark Matters. The bonus song (Cocaine Woman) that kicks in after the psychedelic voicemail (roughly 6:40 into the track) absolutely fookin' rocks + is a great way to close out one of the best releases of 2009!
Give it a good coupla listens + lemme know what you think.
Got a better Song of the Year choice?
Fuck no, you don't!
If you think you do, though, post it... I'll give it a listen (+ then prob'ly explain to you why my pick is better)...

Valis features some former Screaming Trees along with other notable (and likely hairy... it's a powerful defense against cold + rain, and almost certainly the basis of the Bigfoot urban legends: some drunken campers saw Tad Doyle or another similar musician "getting back to nature," runnin' around nekkid in the forest with some recently-pickt, recently-digestd psychofungi and... taa-dah: Sasquatch! - oops, sorry for the digression...) musicians of the Pacific Northwest... their name comes from the title of a Philip K. Dick novel, likely spoken of here previously, which, at least in part was based on a quasi-mystical experience PKD had in 1974. More about PKD's apotheosis here, in a short interview with noteworthy author + PKD enthusiast Jonathan Lethem, whose most recent novel, Chronic City, is a damnd good read; one that resonated deeply with me. The characters are odd + quirky + spot-on realistic. Go read it. Yay for literacy!

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