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Crooked Little Vein - Warren Ellis

(Paperback ISBN: 978-0-06-125205-1)

This is the first novel by Warren Ellis, best-known for his top-notch comics writing (Transmetropolitan, Global Frequency, Planetary and The Authority, to name a few), and it does not disappoint! Crooked Little Vein is a post-modern hardboiled detective novel; a 21st-Century beatnik road novel, though neither description quite does it justice...

Without giving away too much, down-and-out P.I. Mike McGill is hired by the White House Chief of Staff to find a very important book. Sounds simple + straightforward, but instead, McGill is dragged through disturbing + eye-opening spins on the American Dream... sliding deeper + deeper into depravity on his way to finishing this freaky job.

Ellis' clever story + dialogue are spot-on, somehow creating real characters from some very surreal circumstances. (And McGill at one point refers to his balls as his "dadpaste factory" - which might be the most disturbing and hilarious thing I've read in months...)

Absolutely recommended!


Skeleton Crew is now on iTunes!


Skeleton Crew "...And We'll See All of History Again." (2008) is now available on iTunes... and CDBaby... and directly from the band...

18 tracks from 1989-1993, finally collected on disc!

Includes 11 unreleased recordings from 1991-93, as well as 6 tracks (including Starkville radio hit + crappy-quality college mixtape classic U.V.A.) from the 7-song Rage EP (1990); excluded is When I Grow Down, which is instead represented here off of the Parallax Records comp The Sound and the Fury, Vol. 1: Mississippi's Best Unsigned Rock (1991).

Here's the track listing, including four tracks to check out:
  • when i grow down
  • u.v.a.
  • paging dr. mengele
  • something completely different
  • amy as a stimulant
  • bowhead
  • prime mover
  • circus
  • rader, fish + kermode
  • veritas
  • what ryan said...
  • speaker implies, listener infers
  • study break
  • ointment
  • apocalypso
  • quiet
  • innard yank
  • blister my soul

For more info, check out the band's myspace page: myspace.com/skeletoncrewsouth