He Was Art Clokey, Dammit!

The LA Times is reporting that the great Art Clokey died in his sleep Friday at his home in Los Osos, California at the age of 88.

Clokey, seen here torturing the genitals of his most famous son, was a brilliant + innovative stop-motion animator, whose work has delighted kids of all ages for years.

Clokey is survived by his children, Gumby and Pokey, and Davey and Goliath,

and his grandchildren, Moral Orel and...
...Eddie Murphy-Gumby, dammit!


  1. Weirdly enough, I recently bought four volumes of Davey & Goliath on DVD at The Dollar Tree. I like them because they support my theory that the best way to learn about Jesus is through puppets and animated clay-things. I am one sock-puppet away from becoming a Catholic!

  2. ... is the sock-puppet on yer thang? Cuz that'll keep you away from Catholicism only til some horny clergy can un-sock you! And then you jump straight from new Catholic to lapsed Catholic! Molestation is bad...