Video-Movie-Film-Camera Produces Amazing Results!

As a general rule, I am not a filmgoer. The combination of crowds of unknown-to-me humans, high prices + sticky carpets is a general turnoff, along with the troublesome issue I have with being near-narcoleptic when in a darkened room with air-conditioning and a comfy chair...

I do like watching em at home, if they're of interest, though I often have to break up the watching into a coupla sessions (...remember the narcolepsy). And I just discoverd that two films are due for theatrical  release on 18 June 2010, both with some excellent source material to mine (or, possibly - sadly - ruin...). Let's hope they don't suck; they both seem to have a lot of potential...

The Killer Inside Me
Starring Casey Affleck, this won't be the first filmd version of Jim Thompson's most gripping novel, which crawls into the head of Lou Ford, a small-town sociopathic deputy sheriff in Texas. An earlier version starring Stacy Keach came out in 1976. If this is as dark as the novel, it'll be a fuckin' winnr.

Plus, it also stars the ever-lovely Jessica Alba...

Stacy Keach is a baaaad man... It's been mentiond that Thompson himself did not care for this film. Maybe he'll zombie up for the premiere of the new one + let us know what he thinks. (I'm betting it'll be something like "bbbraaaaaainnnzzzzzzzzz... grrururggggghh!")

Jonah Hex
Starring Josh Brolin, this one is based on the DC character, a drifting bounty hunter with a disfiguring facial scar who roams the post-Civil War wild West. The comic was often kickass, but there was also an updating that flung Hex into the future that left a sour taste... At it's best, Jonah Hex was a powerful image+text reimagining of the Spaghetti Western genre. Hex is an antihero much like Clint Eastwood's classic Man With No Name, that character itself drawn wholecloth from Toshiro Mifune's classic ronin in Kurosawa's Yojimbo.

...and - again with the fuckin' casting - this 'un also stars the striking Megan Fox.

Maybe I'll get to the moobiehaus after all this June...


  1. I was just thinkin' it might be time to re-read Killer Inside Me, even though I've read it about 3 times now. Hey, gotta make that Library of America crime novels volume pay for itself. Looks like they tried to S&M the new one up... not sure if that's a good idea or not. And Jonah Hex should be good... I love me some Megan Fox, even if she is kinda a stupe.

  2. Gott in Himmel those are some fine pictures.