A Holiday of Sorts...

So, it's 20 April. The noteworthy 4/20. And there will be some very stupid things happening today in the name of marijuana. I wonder how the animating spirit of the plant feels about all of the silliness, like this bud dressd as a Christmas tree + those t-shirts that beg cops to hassle the wearers. Anyway...

Known to Man since at least the Third Millennium BC, marijuana has been cultivated + processed for use the world over as hashish, hash oil, bhang, kief... as well as the plain ol' buds + shake so familiar to most suburban Americans.

Today would be the smart day to organize Legalization Rallies here in the US, but, of course, the people who were in charge of that prob'ly got too high to remember to organize... Oh, well. What a waste; I think that'd be the kick in the pants that the US economy could use (lots of taxable sales, lots of new employees for the companies that'd need to grow, harvest, process, market + distribute) + would put the lie to the 'gateway drug' theory (in reality, pot is a gateway drug only when sold by a drugdealer who'd much rather see customers spend all of their money + be frantic to do so, and therefore introduces said customers to cocaine, crack, meth, etc., with their higher addiction factors + health risks...).

So, do your own little part to appease + honor the spirit of marijuana today: smoke some if you gots, have a nice nature walk, do something nice for a friend (or a stranger), take a nap, listen to some amazing musicks... whatever works for you!

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