Rockin' out the delivery route... (iPodatry #3)

Lots of cool songs shuffled through my iPod while I was on the road the other day... here's the Recently Played list.

Some of the highlights of this list:

Less than One - The Grassy Knoll
From the self-titled release (early 1990s???), this is interesting instrumental trip-hop; I usually lump this in with Amon Tobin's stuff - jazz-inflected electronica that swings.

Pieces of a Man - Gil Scott-Heron
A fuckin' poet... if you're not familiar with his work, it is officially time for you to get off of your ass! From the album of the same name.

747 - Blind Idiot God
Blind Idiot God is a groundbreaking instrumental three-piece careening from aggressive post-hardcore blasts to trippy, delay-laden dub... This is from Cyclotron. If you like Dysrhythmia, check em out!

You Will Be Reincarnated as an Imperial Attack Spaceturtle - Behold... the Arctopus!
...speaking of Dysrhythmia, this related band is even crazier!!! I wanna be reincarnated as their bass player! Spastic math-flavored instru-metal!

Standard Audio Frontend - Oval
From Dok... glitch-a-licious! Clever glitchwerk from the masters. Crazy electronica reminiscent of a CD player's deathsong.

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