My dog treed my new neighbor!

My dog Chester, a mutt with some clear Rhodesian Ridgeback ancestry, treed our new neighbor, this here rather large raccoon, early this morning. Mister Raccoon is a big ol' healthy specimen of his species, well-fed from all of the composting + gardening that goes on in the neighborhood (and certainly enjoying all of the trashbins, too), and he scooted up this tree with amazing haste for such a laid-back little fella...

Chester's inside the house now, so that Mr. Raccoon can go on about his day. Just held him up long enough to snap these pics.

Sorry this ain't as violent as Zwolf's rat-war post... but this critter ain't infringing on our space, so live + let live... but in the same ideaspace, go check out the really interesting Battle of Mice, whose experi-metal sounds will expand your mind (you'll need to adjust yr skull on yr own, though, so get a crowbar + keep it handy). (I hate these comparisons, but...) they kinda remind me of Bjork fronting Sleep.


  1. Aiiiieeeeee, it's a goblin! Shoot it, shoot it in the face! And then bury it deep and shun its grave!

    You're lucky Chester didn't tangle with that fella. Raccoons carry rabies, y'know. In fact, they are nature's rabies-deliverymen. But, you might be okay in not killin' 'im. If he makes your house a frequent visiting place, though, I'd think about investing in a firearm of some kind. And then... shoot him, shoot him in the face!

  2. Nah... he got treed three different times by random neighborhood dogs (my next band name?) trying to get deeper into the woods, so we prob'ly won't see him for a bit...