Figplucker's 21st Century Blues: Hot Dog (Led Zeppelin)

Here... have a Hot Dog...
(Oh, wait... it's invisible...)
Yeah... this one's kind of a cheat, I guess. It's not an old blues, it's a Zep tune. But, lots of their stuff actually was old uncredited blues, so whatever... water from the same well, maybe just a little more British (which would make the water taste like it had bad dental care?)... 

When drummer Matt + Donny Guitar + I were still trying to put together a coverband to hit the clubs, we recorded some tunes, including the already-posted Sunshine of Your Love and this... Our cover of the way-on rocked-up country blues offa Physical Graffiti...  

(Cuz it's Labor Day Weekend, see...?)
Anyway, Donny's guitar playing on this one is rather tasty, so check it out + then post some nice things here about his playing... he's been a little depresst lately + it'd cheer him up!


  1. Excellent work! I b'lieve I might like that a little better than the Led Zep version, even! Got more umph to it!

  2. I like the "wucka wucka" riffs at the bridge.