Figplucker's 21st Century Blues: Cypress Grove (Skip James)

Another Skip James tune... this time, the creepily resigned Cypress Grove. I was aiming for atmosphere on this one, with a concerted effort to make it sound sorta distantly swampy, though my slide guitarwork is resoundingly subpar. Whatever. You decide. And, please... let me know what you think.

Click the songtitle to hear it. Right-click to download.


  1. I'd rather be buried in some cypress grove
    than to have some woman that I can't control.

    I'm going away, going away to stay.
    It's alright mama, you'll need my help someday.

    I'd rather be dead and 6ft in my grave
    than to be left here treated this way.

    Old people told me but I never did know,
    ain't gonna be no worries in that cypress grove.

    When your kneebones ache + your body's getting cold,
    You're just getting ready for some cypress grove.

    I'm gonna sing this song + I ain't gonna sing no more.
    My time's got precious, + Lord, I just got to go.

  2. Excellent work, there! That's one of my fave Skip James songs and you've managed to change it up a good bit but still do it justice! Much good!