Showing off my Halloween(r): I Call It "Norman"

So, unbeknowst to our reading audience, the diabolic zwolf challenged the rest of our crew to post a horror short story this month, to commemorate Halloween. And, of course, I failed miserably. Years of not really writing - aside from this kinda bullshit, which requires little to none of the creativity necessary for writing good fiction - has left me rusty + rough, like that old nail you steppt on when you were a kid...

Anyway, not to be completely left out, here's a Halloween song I wrote, recorded + posted for ya.

The intent was to honor the classic horror of the 60s, so the music's sorta early rock-influenct, intended to evoke The Cramps. Except the theremin-esk synth line, which is s'posta sound like every scary UFO from those films. And, of course, all of the words you'll hear are by Robert Bloch + Alfred Hitchcock, voiced by Tony Perkins.

Check it out + lemme know what you think. It'll play straight offa the browser + runs under 2minits.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Me like! It reminds me a little of The Fuzztones, and anything Fuzztones-ish is good. More!

  2. Dammit! I can't get a good enough connection where I am to hear it. Will post a real comment when I can.

  3. Yes indeed! I love it! That will be going in my Halloween playlist for sure. Well done!