Lit-Thieving Bastard Alert

If you've been paying any attention at all, you know about the only thing on this planet I hold sacrosanct is the written (and preferably printed) word.  Sometimes I may even get the least lil' ol' bit unhinged about it (anti-Kindle rants, anybody?).  So, you probably have a pretty good guess how much of a hate-on I've got for people who steal other people's work. 

Well, there's a dude who's doing that, and in a big way.  And he needs the dogs sicced on 'im.

This post on Brian Keene's blog will give you the information you need.  Go there, and do that, because the next person this Boyer fuck might steal from is you.  Or me, since I'm putting a story or two up here later  this month, and rumor has it so are my blog-brothers.  And if somebody were to steal from me, I might do stupid things, so it's better to go with Keane's plan.  Go read up on it.

Fuck, but I hate plagiarists...

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