Stuff that is currently on my radar...

Pickt up Chuck Palahniuk's newest, Pygmy, last week + could not put it down. Sure, some nay-sayers claim that his schtick has worn a bit thin, but this book is better than his last coupla novels, + his ability to turn over the rocks of the psyche to expose alla them creepy lil' critters underneath is uncanny. This book is a first-person internal monolog as perspectivized by a sleeper terror-agent from an unnamed totalitarian state. The narrative lookt as if it would quickly become tedious, but instead I found myself trying not to think in the same fuckt-up pidgin as the narrator, "operative me."

The soundtrack to The Venture Brothers, featuring the music of J.G. Thirlwell (aka Foetus, Wiseblood, etc...) is easily lightyears ahead of any recent soundtracks. Thirlwell's wacky production careens from Morricone tribute to Space-Age Lounge, happily bouncing across the highlights of the wildly-broad filmscore genre. And a classy, classic-looking cover, to boot! (A slight aside, the promotional trailer for the upcoming + highly-anticipated Season 4 of VB, can be found here).

Final item: Today Disney announced that it has made an offer for Marvel Comics... As if the Bullpen's editorial staff's decisions weren't already hampered by an overabundance of shareholder-influenced suit-+-tie schmucks who don't read comics but love shitty comics-adaptations' box-office sales, now everyone's gonna be slaving away under the bloated white-gloved thumb (izzit really a thumb?) of the damn Mouse after he already shat on em over Howard the fuckin' Duck... (though honestly, whatever these evil companies are guilty of, they did provide us the opportunities to experience the wonderful works of Jack Kirby + Carl Barks. Almost makes up for alla the sins. Almost...)

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