My Engrish Shopping List

Christmas is coming, so it's time to start making out a list of shitchoowant. And everything I want right now is on Engrish.com. (A site which you should visit very now yes!)

I want this album... because I like kinky chicks.

And, just in case I need a little help pleasing her... some inspirational music.

Hey, did you hear why Michael Jackson dangled his baby off the balcony? He was just taunting this guy!

And this is a stylin' muhfuckin' hat, yo.

And, for when it gets cold, I need this 'un. Because I am... a fuckin' goblin. And you know that.

'Cuz it go with my bad tee-shirt.

And I need this sign for in front of my house, so everybody gone know!

Unfortunately, I need this sign, too. My stupid neighbors won't lay off the vodka.

And I need me a bucket to keep my anger in.

And I need some of this drink, because every now and then I need to be transported to the cow-mooing meadow.

And a little snack... and a challenge! ... to go with it.

And I don't even know what this is, but damn if it doesn't speak to me in ways I can't even express.

And even though I'm straight, I don't mind getting a little bi-curious about what I write on...

And of course I need to get a little something for my loved ones...

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