Huge Robot Looms Menacingly Over Tokyo!

So, the 30th anniversary of the Gundam is upon us... (c'mon, you remember Mobile Suit Gundam from waaaay back, right? It ain't Voltron-old, but still...) and to commemorate the occasion, a 59-foot giant Gundam has been erected in a Tokyo park. And he lights up at night...

Say what you will about the awful state of the world's economic + political stability... I live in a world where a giant robot is standing over the city of Tokyo + I can only hope that any aliens scouting our planet are either scared space-shitless or convinced to bring on such powerful artillery that we get vaporized before we even know about it.

Check out my favorite comics-news website, icv2.com, for links to even more cool giant Gundam pics, as well as info on a similar upcoming tribute to Tetsujin!

Now, then... who's up for the giant Godzilla statue?! Or even a matching pair of huge, hungry-looking rodents arched and slavering over Anaheim + Orlando ...?

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