The Girls Who Occasionally Kill People Comics, Issue #1

Well, my internet connectivity still isn't fixed, but I think I've managed to fake it enough to get this put up real quick-like from work. Finally, after almost two freakin' weeks. It's nothing great, but I've been curious to see if it'll even fit on the web. I shall probably rant about AT&T, the worst company in the entire world, later.

The art's not very good, and the story's even worse, but that's kinda why it's funny to me, in an absurdist sort of way. If nothing else, you can laugh at the way the tits change size from panel to panel, the hair changes length, and there are all kinds of out-of-proportion limbs and wonky eyes 'n' such. (I will claim the wonky eyes are "Jack Kirby's influence" ;) ). About the kindest thing anybody's said about my art is "Well, I can tell which girl is which..." If you notice there's not much of a background for any picture, that's because I can't get interested in drawing anything but girls. So, they inhabit a strange void-world.

Hmm, postin' 'em didn't work, so I'll try it with links instead... (but just for experimentation I'm gonna try to load the cover in... the whole thing might take up too much space, anyway).


page 1

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Hey, I said they occasionally kill people... I didn't say they'd do it every issue. (I guess I think this is funny because of the "Jess Franco factor." See, Jess Franco - who is an absolutely horrible director -- occasionally does bizarre things in movies, like... in one war movie, he introduced this character everybody called "The Acrobat." He had everybody talk about the amazing feats this guy could perform on the battlefield, all the backflips, etc. Then he has the guy get shot in the legs in the first fight scene so, after all that buildup, you never get to see any acrobatics. To me, that shit is funny... and hence my big buildup to nothin'. Yay!

If this ends up too big or something, I may delete it pronto...


  1. Geez... that was a loooooong walk to the punchline. Kinda good, though. Make more + post 'em, dammee!

  2. There was a punchline? Oops! :)

    Long walk, yes, but... the scenery, man! (okay, I'm still just practicing, but I think I draw women better than Jack Kirby! Ever seen Big Barda? *shudder!*

  3. Screw you! Big Barda was hot AND could kick yo' ass!