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For about a year or so, the online site where I buy most of my DVD's and CD's has been doing something that I think is genius marketing. It's called the "Daily Deep Deal," and they basically take some junk of questionable appeal that they found in a warehouse somewhere, knock the price down, and make fun of it (and themselves) in sort of a Mad Magazine style. The concept is explained here (seriously, go read that, it's freakin' hilarious!)

This concept works pretty well, because even though I have yet to buy any of their "Deep Deal" items (which tend to be things like hoochie-girl refrigerator magnets, Kleenex dispensers shaped like soccer balls, volleyball player action figures, Steve Irwin in a tube with rubber 'gators, bad board games, etc.) I've occasionally noticed sales on DVDs or what-not while I'm checking their site just to see what funny thing they're mocking that day.

The past two days have really cracked me up... yesterday's was for slingshot ammo:

Today, they continued with the "choking hazard" running gag (no pun intended, or, hey, what the hell, pun intended, since it's funny, damnit!) and added it to the description of a "saving up for a pair of jeans piggy bank":

Anyway, I'm not really trying to shill for 'em (although I can vouch for 'em - I've ordered from 'em almost weekly for a decade or so and never had any problems) but I thought that shit was so funny I had to pass it along... :)

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