Best New Music of 2017

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  1. Any way to make this big enough to read? Everything I've tried blurs it out.

    Looks interesting, what I can make out. I used to be crazy about Queens of the Stone Age, but kinda gave up on 'em after Era Vulgaris bored the shit out of me (and Lullabies To Paralyze wasn't a lot better). They felt like they got too into sedatives and started phoning it in. But I've been thinking maybe I need to give their new one a chance. I should probably check it out on YouTube. Also thought about the new Electric Wizard but I keep getting their stuff and then getting mad at it 'cuz it's so lazy. They seem to just do the same song over and over and brag about their laziness in the lyrics. But I always get tempted to try them again, because I'm all about the basic heavy-doom concept. I'd recommend Witchsorrow... they sound like an Electric Wizard that still cares about what they're doing.

    I never do yearly lists because I don't remember what came out when. But my tops for the best things I heard this year would definitely include Nervosa's "Agony" (just gets better the more I listen to it). I'm pretty much "if you don't like Nervosa, fuck you" at this point, because they embody everything that's good about metal. People are either down with Nervosa or they're my enemy and I shall seek their destruction. A new Nervosa album's about the only thing I'm looking forward to this year other than seeing the fucking Republican scum removed from power in mass quantities.

    Blood Ceremony's "Lord of Misrule" is also incredible. Best songwriters in the business right now, nobody else even comes close to constructing anything like them. You don't like them, then you don't like music. Period. Psychedelic Witchcraft and Dead Witches are also good, pretty much Blood Ceremony wannabes, but that's not a bad thing. The new Venom Inc. is surprisingly decent. The other version of Venom, with Cronos, is 'mongously dumb, though. It's loud and noisy, so it's fun, but the lyrics are embarrasingly idiotic.

    The newest Kreator is excellent. New Prong ("Zero Days") is okay... not as good as their older stuff but you can always count on them to be worth the listen. And Zodiac - "Grain of Soul" had some impressive stuff on it, and the newest Electric Citizen ("Higher Time") and the new Kadavar ("Rough Times"), and Beastmaker "Inside The Skull." The new Obsessed ("Sacred") is also good.

    The band I've gotten into who impress me the most musicianship-wise are Torture Squad. They're fucking monsters and supernaturally-tight. They're the first band I've heard in a while that makes me think they have a psychic connection between 'em. The Shrine and R.I.P. are also good in a just loud-dumb-rock kinda way. And I also discovered Airbourne, which I like. They're on the dumb side, but they sound EXACTLY like AC/DC and the world can always use more AC/DC. Also on the dumb-but-good side is Iron Bastards... they're a bunch of French guys who want to sound like Motorhead. They can't write lyrics to save their life (I'm sorry, but I have yet to be impressed with anything French), but anybody gets points with me for trying for Motorhead-dom. And I also got into Iron Man this year... they've been around forever but I just picked up on 'em. If you like Black Sabbath, they most definitely should be sought out. And if you don't like Black Sabbath, you're the enemy and I seek your destruction etc.