The Mighty Blowhole - Here the Sun + Moon Do Battle (2012)

After dragging ass for over 6 years (...16 if you count when some of these tunes were originally birthed), the debut Mighty Blowhole album is available for your free downloading pleasure. 

Bass-centric, analog delay-sodden, trip-hoppity, instrumental post-rock...

Track listing:
  1. Space Fury
  2. As the Rapt Seraph That Adores and Burns
  3. At the Bazaar
  4. In the Cave of Sex
  5. The Masked Dyer
  6. Dripping, Pouring... Drowning (A Sketch)
  7. Chase, No Straighter
  8. Office Party
  9. As She Came
  10. The Night Naphthaline Magda Rose from Her Grave
  11. You Are All Tigers
  12. O Kali, Glorious and Terrible (A Portrait)
  13. These Hermetic Fields
  14. As the Reprised Seraph...
Guest musicians featured are John Brocato (8, 10), Andrew Hamiter (9, 11) + Victor Wilson (3), all of whom provided some truly excellent guitarwork that I'd've never come up with... And oldest + dearest pal Dave Sims was cool enough to let me use his mixing suite + his ears... thanks all around, fellers!


  1. Oh, additionally, the tracks can be streamed at www.mightyblowhole.com!

  2. HEY! If you downloaded the album BEFORE this comment was posted, the version of #11 is wonky... Head over to the website + you can download the updated version of the track, or just download the whole thing from here again. Whatever sinks your battleship...