Figplucker's 21st Century Blues: Trouble in Mind

...and here's another blues tune. This time around, it's Trouble in Mind, a classic done by everybody from Big Bill Broonzy to Janis Joplin, Muddy Waters to Sam Cooke... this version here can't hold a candle to any of those, but it's still here cuz it's one of those songs that just nails my own personal blues...

Trouble in Mind

(Sorry for the noisy guitar, but at least I didn't try to add in some LP surface noise to make it 'authentic'...)


  1. Trouble in mind, and I'm blue,
    but I won't be blue always
    Yes, the sun gonna shine,
    in my back door someday

    I'm goin' down to the river,
    I'm gonna take my old rockin' chair
    And if those blues overtake me,
    I'm gonna rock on away from here

    trouble in mind, and I'm blue,
    I have almost lost my mind
    oh, life ain't worth livin
    sometimes I feel like dyin

    I'm gonna lay my head,
    on some lonesome railroad pine
    + lord, let that 2:10 train
    ease my troubled mind

  2. I like this one mucho! Sounds modern, but faithful to the old one, too. And your singing is great... and I don't mind the distorto guitar, it works. :)