Like following a retarded donkey around...

...cuz there's always some new shit to marvel at coming from that stupid ass...

Which brings us to this story.

USA Today reports that, during a recent radio talk-show interview, GOP presidential hopeful, mostly-successful gay-beard + special-needs adult Michele Bachmann said that, among other things, Americans currently "fear the rise of the Soviet Union."

I know we should just laugh + move on, but the GOP has a remarkable track record of getting the stupid, callous, evil, + even the prob'ly-retarded elected in recent decades, so start sharpening those voter ID cards...


  1. Yeah, it's kind of stunning, seeing so many candidates be taken as viable when the ONLY appeal they have to anyone is their religious beliefs. I'm afraid large segments of this country want it to become a radicalized theocracy, not so far removed from the people we're fighting. Gee, that's worked out so well for every country that's ever tried it, hasn't it? Yeesh.

    I know Bachmann is embarrassed by the corndog pictures, but she should be grateful -- at least her mouth was full so she couldn't be saying anything else stupid.

  2. "maaaa-muh... i think im'onna git me anutha corndawwwg..."