Dog Expresses Preference for Johnny Marr by Attacking Morrissey

So, it's been reported in the press that Morrissey was bitten on the hand + arm by a dog... [full story here]

I've always been an animal lover, but I've never wanted to kiss a dog more than I do right now... And I liked the Smiths better, too, Lassie!


  1. Ironic that now Morrissey's taking heat by saying the slaughter of animals for fast food is worse than the Norway massacre.

    I think the Meatmen were right - Morrissey killed Mick Ronson!

    Take it away, Tesco...

    "For how much longer must we endure
    His whiney sappy crappy musical manure
    I wanna slap that (bleep) with a toe tag
    If you won't do it, then I will
    Morrissey must die!
    Morrissey must die!
    Little green-haired hags shaped like duffel bags
    All think he's the cat's meow
    But they'll need a brand new peanut twit when my .38 goes (pow-pow-pow)
    We can (incomprehensible) to make the world a better place
    With my hyperspeed Black & Decker power tool I'll wipe the smug look off his face
    Morrissey must die!"

  2. Wow... that's some angry (+ therefore typical) Tesco...