Thomas Ligotti Short Stories Checklist!

Following zwolf's most recent post about horrible horror covers, I thought it timely to go ahead + post this checklist of Thomas Ligotti's collected short stories. Ligotti is an excellent horror writer, current + modern - maybe even post-modern - but with a vibe reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft, or the parable/fable-style deliveries of some of Jorge Luis Borges' fantasies, and an overwhelming paranoia that'd shame Philip K. Dick.

In any case, Ligotti's short stories are plentiful, but they tend to show up in numerous collected editions of his work. As such, I put together a quick checklist of the stories available in each of his mass-market published collections + present it here as an aid to fans of his writings. The fantastic fiction website already has a checklist of his available published works, but I couldn't find a story checklist anywhere... This list does not include any of his work published through small-press / limited editions, or appearances of his stories in anthologies or zines.

The books included herein are: Grimscribe, My Work Is Not Yet Done, The Nightmare Factory, Noctuary, The Shadow at the Bottom of the World, Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Teatro Grottesco


So, there's the collections.
Here's the checklist as a jpg.
Or downloadable as a pdf file.
The columns are - in order - title, then abbreviations of each collection that title appears in, then the total # of appearances in these collections of that title.


  1. Thanks for this - Ligotti's a fave of mine too, and I've always wondered what I was missing by not owning "Shadow at the Bottom of the World". Have you read his latest "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race"? Supposedly it's non-fiction, but reads in that distinctively nihilistic voice he uses throughout alot of his fiction.

  2. Hi! Haven't gotten it yet, but I'm itching to snag it from the publisher as soon as possible! It's s'posed to be non-fic + even a sort of horror manifesto... Looking forward to it!