Seth McFarlane: King of Prime-Time Blasphemy!

So, Family Guy last night featured some new footage, including an unheard song (excised from the "Fat Guy Strangler" episode) that really ups the blasphemy-ante something fierce... I remember being completely blown away at blasphemy in prime time when Homer Simpson proclaimed, "I don't even BELIEVE in Jeebus!" Well, this song of Peter's certainly puts Homer J.'s take on religion into a new perspective...
The Anthem of the National Association for the Advancement of Fat People
"Stand up, all fat men, stand up straight;
Stand up because no chair can hold your weight.
If God created us to be so big,
That's proof He must be a big, fat pig.
God's so flabby with an ass so wide,
His arms look like pillows with cake mix inside.
God's man-boobs are flabby and they hurt when He jogs,
And the back of God's neck looks like a pack of hot dogs."

...Wow. Don't think there's much left to say after that...

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