Malvert Sometimes Pee Red!

Thanks to the internet, there's now a clip compilation of scenes from the fairly crappy 1981 horror-spoof Student Bodies, featuring The Stick - in his only known role - as former-teacher-turnd-brain-damaged school janitor + multiple-homicide suspect Malvert. Little is known about the actor known only as The Stick, but he's pretty darn memorable, even if the film isn't...

Quality comedic physicality + terribly-written dialogue! Watch it, damn you! Watch it right now!

And the film is filld with important knowledge, such as:
"Malvert sometimes pee red!"
"Malvert afford hookers!"
and the always-relevant
"Sex kills!"


  1. Firsties of 2010 for posts + comments, bitchez!!! Happy new year!

  2. Excellent! I always wondered who this Malvert guy was, 'cuz you've referred to him a few times (once 'cuz I was peeing red) and I've wondered who the hell he was. What an enigma... :)

  3. Pretty seminal film, possibly the most of the past thirty years, so how "crappy" is that? It's SUPPOSED to show how crappy those slasher flicks are. Duh?