More Used Bookstore Joys...

Hooray! A pair of really snappy old Harlan Ellison paperbacks were hidden away at my local used bookstore...  Sure, Harlan's public image is that of an irascible curmudgeon, but who cares?! He's an amazing writer with a disturbing + fertile imagination. In case you're wondering, Earthman, Go Home! was originally issued as Ellison Wonderland. It woulda been worth the purchase price just for its wacky cover art, too!

And, since Christmas is on its way, here's a disturbing gift for that special someone: a portrait of video game superstar Mario, made of genetically-engineered fluorescent bacteria... for more about this scientific wackiness, check out boingboing.net, a regularly enthralling blog devoted to something or other... usually cool pix of homemade robots or octopii using tools or somesuch. And a major contributor is snappy sci-fi writer Cory Doctorow, whose works now encompass at least two different future-Disneys (both of which are very cleverly thought-out) in Down + Out in the Magic Kingdom and in his newest one, Makers, both highly recommended!

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