F.U.C.T. - Dimensional Depth Perception

F.U.C.T. was a brutal band when I saw 'em live in Birmingham circa 1988, and this recording lives up to their live show! This is very reminiscent of Corrosion of Conformity, at least their early stuff (Eye for an Eye, Animosity, Technocracy)... Spastic time-changes, jazzy chords + Voivod-esque gearshifts, insanely fast drums... Highly recommended!

Track listing:

  • infectious world
  • lost
  • ripen
  • technikilation
  • suekoesng
  • my define
  • screen
  • infraction
  • demeaning
  • dimensional depth perception
  • ungratical

These guys burst forth from the Deep South around the same time as some other wildly different but strangely complementary bands like Lastregus Nosferatus (thrash metal / Atlanta), Clockhammer (post-hardcore / Nashville), Loppybogymi (post-hardcore / Nashville?), Vacation Bible $chool (post-punk / Birmingham), G.N.P. (hardcore / Birmingham), Cafe des Moines (indie-rock / Starkville), Bone Dali (post-hardcore / Auburn), Skeleton Crew (post-punk / Starkville), Vomit Spots (hardcore / Mobile), Flinghammer (funk-punk / Jackson), Guiltmonkey (post-hardcore / Hattiesburg), Compound Fracture (crossover metal-hardcore / Birmingham) and Black Like Vic (post-hardcore / Memphis), among others... These bands were actively gigging throughout the late '80s and provided a lot of excellent live music to scenester kids all over the Deep South!

I found this one on eBay for $10 (shipping included); another release - Into the Aggro - is available on iTunes. The band has reformed (though founding guitarist Brooks passed away in 2001) + has a song-laden + informative MySpace page.

When I got this in the mail on Friday, I threw it right into the CD player in the car... The first thing I noticed is how weird listening to an album in order + in its entirety seems to me. My iPod is almost always set on 'shuffle' + can provide some utterly bizarre playlist material... Click the playlist image for a peek at my Recently Played list (most recent at the top). Ain't no other mailman rockin' his delivery route like I do!!!

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