From Various Artists, "Motown Meltdown Vol. 2" (Gigante Sound 021), released 2010.

From Gigante Sound website:
"The Motown Meltdown series is born from a special collection of discs called the Motown Master Recordings Karaoke by Singing Machine. Each of these extraordinary discs contains "8 classic hits by the original artists". These are the ORIGINAL classic Motown recordings with separated stereo channels, left and right. The left side; the instrumental, the right; isolated vocals. And thanks to the internet and a socially irresponsible record label intern, for Volume 2 we have added some of the original Motown multi-track sessions to the sample library! There is one basic ground rule for the making of these songs; the only sources the artists are allowed to utilize are those of the karaoke collections and multi-track sessions. No outside sounds allowed. In other words, no other drum beats, basslines, keys etc. can be added into the mix."


(record label[?] 8031-23B), released 1978.

From "448 Deathless Days" (SST 159), released 1987.

Possible ear-tickling and fancy-catching (or something like that) . . .

To Igor, Zwolf, da5e, kicker of elves, and to those who visit The Mighty Blowhole --

I seek out and listen to a lot of recordings (mostly from the 1970s through the 1990s) that are likely not commercially available.   If I stumble upon something that catches my ear and/or tickles my fancy (before I upload the audio to YouTube), I make efforts to see that: (1) it is not already on YouTube; (2) not available on iTunes, Amazon (as a music file), Bandcamp, et al.; (3) nor available via the creator(s) of the recording.

The intent, purpose, and spirit as to why I do this is to give these recordings the opportunity to be more readily available to be heard.  Perhaps one of these recordings will catch your ear and/or tickle your fancy as well.

Thanks and credit go to the artists who created this audio and to the uploaders who made these files available.  I thank The Mighty Blowhole for giving these recordings another place for them to be possibly found and heard.