Lucky Sperms, "Tomorrow Never Knows/Glass Onion" (Ecstatic Peace E#15), released 1991.

Ciccone Youth is Sonic Youth plus Mike Watt. Lucky Sperms are Ciccone Youth minus Thurston Moore.

On this recording, Watt spiels the lyrics of The Beatles' "Glass Onion" to the music of "Tomorrow Never Knows".




Dinosaur Jr., "Yeah We Know" (February 18, 1989 at The Ritz, New York).

Dinosaur Jr. end this song (starting around 4:36) by Mascis slowing down the tempo of the main riff and it's just him and Murph playing. This is followed by feedback and then a tape loop.

From "Live at The Arianna Studios" (self-released), 2006.

In a comment that Danilo Jans posted on the blog that uploaded/linked to this recording, Jans wrote that this music was influenced by "Miles Davis, Captain Beefheart, Terry Riley, Soft Machine, Velvet Underground, John Cage, Link Wray , Moondog and many others". If you like Farfisa organ sounds and "Metal Box"-era Jah Wobble basslines, then you might like this track.


From "Bugalulu: Love Without End" (Aberdeen World-Star Production 101), released 1978.

Dennis MacDavid is from Nigeria. His song, "Books Are Treating Me Bad" is from his 1978 self-released album, "Bugalulu: Love Without End".

Not sure if MacDavid had heard the Talking Heads' "77" album (released 1977), but, to me, "Books Are Treating Me Bad" sounds sort of like what Talking Heads sounded like at that time.