Possible ear-tickling and fancy-catching (or something like that) . . .

To Igor, Zwolf, da5e, kicker of elves, and to those who visit The Mighty Blowhole --

I seek out and listen to a lot of recordings (mostly from the 1970s through the 1990s) that are likely not commercially available.   If I stumble upon something that catches my ear and/or tickles my fancy (before I upload the audio to YouTube), I make efforts to see that: (1) it is not already on YouTube; (2) not available on iTunes, Amazon (as a music file), Bandcamp, et al.; (3) nor available via the creator(s) of the recording.

The intent, purpose, and spirit as to why I do this is to give these recordings the opportunity to be more readily available to be heard.  Perhaps one of these recordings will catch your ear and/or tickle your fancy as well.

Thanks and credit go to the artists who created this audio and to the uploaders who made these files available.  I thank The Mighty Blowhole for giving these recordings another place for them to be possibly found and heard.


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