A Confluence of Sorts...

He: "It's raining, men."
They: "Hallelujah!"

(...sorry. The idiot that taught the Public Speech section I was shanghaied into in college suggested leading off with a joke. But nobody said it had to be funny... + punctuation jokes usually aren't...)

Anyway, I hit the usual blogs Monday morning to see what the what was + what did I see but a new Sonic Youth release! And when my DVR reminded me that Austin City Limits was on last night, who d'ya think was playing, huh? Sonic Youth, thass who! This is a great band! Some of my favorite live shows (+ Kim Gordon was my punk-rock-star crush...)

So, first up... here's the new release, a soundtrack to some French film, of which I know nothing beyond what is found here. At least some of the music is from the Daydream Nation sessions, repurposed quite well here.

The music is reminiscent of Daydream Nation, and because of the unique tunings that SY use for their guitars (many specific to individual songs), the overall tone evokes DN as each new part unfolds. Ver' nice!

Learn more here.

The band has posted a free-2-stream 'mixtape' - including groovy cassette interface - on their official website.

Go listen to some unreleased stuff, including an acoustic version of "Star Power"

And lastly, here's a link to their Austin City Limits appearance page. They did the set in support of their wonderful 2009 release The Eternal, but closed the set with a Daydream Nation nugget. And, yeah, it was a rerun, but whatever... It was still another piece in the wacky Sonic Youth puzzle that I found this week...

Which'll bring us back to... d'oh!

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